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On Friday 1 September next, the new fencing season starts. So time for a newsletter. 

The 25th Slot Zuylen tournament

After the tournament could not take place several times due to the corona crisis and other crises, finally on the 2nd of July the Slot Zuylen tournament took place again. A very special edition this time, namely the 25th (or was it the 26th?). The date could not have been better chosen. The Sunday before there was still a heatwave, the Sunday after a prolonged rain wave started. This Sunday, however, was ideal fencing weather. It was still a little tense whether the tournament could actually start. Indeed, due to some clumsy moves with the main cable, the tournament almost literally fell into the water. Thanks to some duct tape and a few sailor's knots, things turned out alright and no one was electrocuted.  


The field of participants consisted of a nice mix of old and young, beginners and veterans, Pallots and exotics.  Because the teams fenced well, there were many rounds of fencing, so almost all the teams were able to fence against each other. Unfortunately, the final numbers 1 and 2 already met in the second-to-last round, so the tournament could not be concluded with a final this time.  There were no real surprises. Michiel's team was again the winner, this time with Irma on epee and Rowan on foil.


After the awards ceremony, it was time to put the initiators of the Slot Zuylen tournament in the limelight: Elsie Hijstek, Pieter Dings and Stephan Linnenbank. Patrick kept us in suspense for a long time as to whether the anniversary could be celebrated with a glass of champagne. However, after several feints, he skillfully used a saber to open the champagne bottle, and a toast could be made. Unfortunately, our master BBQ'er Wim was missing from the BBQ. However, Martin Broodbakker was a good replacement. Despite a shortage of BBQ racks, he managed to quickly fill the hungry stomachs of the fencers. At the end of the day, the tournament almost literally fell into the water again. However, a masterful rescue operation by Doreen and Stephan managed to prevent this.


All in all, it was a wonderful edition. The next Slot Zuylen tournament will take place on Sunday 7 July 2024 or (if it rains that day) on Sunday 1 September 2024. Put it in your diaries in advance!

Free fencing on Thursday evening

As perhaps not everyone knows, it is also possible to fence in the Galgenwaard hall on Thursday evenings. There are no lessons then. There is only free fencing from 20.30 to 22.30 hrs.


Fencing can only take place when the equipment room is open. The equipment room is open in any case when a beginners' course is taking place. The next beginners' course starts on 14 September and lasts until 16 November.


The next beginners' course starts on 1 February. For the other weeks, a key will have to be arranged. You can contact the board or one of the teachers for that.

Club championships 2023

On 1 July, the annual club championships took place. Because the turnout among the youth was a bit on the low side, it was a great opportunity for the youth fencers to compete on the runner-up with the adults, which resulted in nice fencing matches and a wealth of tournament experience. Both Michiel and Laurens competed on two weapons and won prizes on both. That parenthood can be grueling was clear to see with Michiel. In the finals, he lost to David mainly on stamina. On saber, however, Michiel had enough of his years of experience to win another gold medal. Next year, the club championships may have a different format and a different name. The club championships will also be rescheduled. More information will follow.


Sabre adults

1. Michiel

2. Tomás

3. Laurens & Eva


Sabre youth

1. Casper

2. Jette


Floret Adult

1. Josha

2. Laurens

3. Robin & Dianne


Epee 16+

1. David

2. Michiel

3. Fenix & Samuel

Veteran fencing

In fencing, you are considered a veteran in the year you turn 40. Ok you are then officially old, but in return a whole new fencing world opens up for you with more sociability next to the runner, less alpha males and females and more fun fencing matches. You can even start an international fencing career as a veteran, even if you were not among the top fencers when you were younger.

This is because the entry requirements for EKs and WCs Veterans are a lot more lenient than for regular EKs and WCs. Furthermore, there are many fun recreational tournaments at home and abroad. In the Netherlands, you have the Ferrum Vetus tournaments. Ferrum Vetus is Latin for old iron. The Ferrum Vetus tournaments take place about 4 or 5 times a year.

The next Ferrum Vetus will take place on 8 October in Wageningen. Ferrum Vetus is also open to fencers between 19 and 39 years old, who are not in the top 30 of the senior rankings, the so-called Futuri.

So these are also fun tournaments for slightly advanced seniors. Registration for the Ferrum Vetus tournaments goes through the Nahouw:  Nahouw tournaments. More information on veteran fencing can be found here: Veterans KNAS Site. There is also a special Whatsapp group for veterans. For questions about veteran fencing, please contact Eva and Evert Jan. 

In the spotlight:
The October tournament

The October tournament is a recreational fencing tournament for adults. It is organised by student fencing association Hoc Habet and held in TU Eindhoven's sports centre. Because there are no points to be gained for the national ranking at this tournament, the fencing level is lower than at, for instance, the Domtoernooi. The October tournament is therefore suitable for beginners and slightly advanced fencers with little or no tournament experience.  Fencing is electric.  If you would like to attend the October tournament, please put this in Pallós' Whatsapp group. Then a club can be formed to go to the tournament together.  A convocation (= invitation) with more information will follow. It will be posted on the Nahouw October-tournament-2023. Registration for the October tournament will also go through the Nahouw. A nice tournament for novice and slightly advanced foilists is the Waal en Rijn florettoernooi on 12 November: Waal Rrijn Toernooi Arnhem.

Volunteers wanted!

Our association cannot run without the help of members.  To continue organising activities and to develop Pallós into an even more enjoyable association, we need your help. Among other things, we are looking for volunteers for:


  • helping to organise club tournaments, including the Dom tournament and the club championships
  • organising fun activities for the (youth) members, such as a parent-child fencing tournament or a club outing
  • attracting sponsorships/grants
  • washing fencing suits
  • repairing fencing equipment
  • Providing first aid at the major tournaments (if you have supplementary insurance, your first aid course may be (partially) reimbursed by your health insurance company.)


Youth members and parents of youth members are also welcome as volunteers. If you would like to do something for the association please talk to us or mail us with your preferences:


Mail the board


Beginners' course September

On Thursday 14 September a beginners' course will start again. There are still a few places available. If you know someone who wants to learn fencing, please refer them to this website:


Beginner course

Impact Fencing Camp

For foilists and epeeists who want to get the new fencing season off to a good start, there will be a fun training weekend in Amstelveen from the 1st to the 3rd of September. The training weekend is open to both youth and adults. You can choose to participate for 1, 2 or 3 days. For more information and registration see:
IMPACT Fencing Camp 2023 .

Registration closes on Aug 27


Club activities and tournaments

The following activities and tournaments are scheduled for the coming period:


Activities within the association:

  • 1st sept Start new fencing season (the training in Leidsche Rijn starts on Sept 4th, the training in Galgenwaard starts on September 6)
  • 13th sept Pien in de Pôten tournament (adults)
  • 17th nov General Membership Meeting
  • 27th nov Pepernotentoernooi (youth Monday)
  • 29th nov Pepernotentoernooi (youth Wednesday)
  • 6th dec Speculaastoernooi (adults)



  • 1st-3rd sept  Impact Fencing Camp
  • 16th sept Jeugdpuntentoernooi Tilburg (youth)
  • 17th sept Koning Willem II degentoernooi Tilburg (adult)
  • 24th sept Randstadtoernooi Den Haag (youth floret, adult epee + sabre)
  • 8th oct  Ferrum Vetus Wageningen (veterans + intermediate players)
  • 21st oct Jeugdpuntentoernooi Klundert (youth)
  • 14th oct Oktobertoernooi Eindhoven (adults)
  • 4th-5th nov Ludus en Gladius Bergen (youth and adults)
  • 12th nov Ferrum Vetus Equipe Best (veterans and intermediate players)
  • 12th nov Waal en Rijn florettoernooi Arnhem (youth and adult)
  • 25th nov ESTEC Noordwijk (adults)
  • 25th-26th nov Dutch Open degentoernooi Rosmalen (youth + adults)
  • 16th dec Jeugdpuntentoernooi (youth)


Information on the official tournaments can be found here: Webpage Nahouw


Information about registering for official fencing tournaments can be found here: Wedstrijden 

If you have any questions, comments, tips, please contact the board 

Mail the Board